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Giving the Middle Finger to Your Inner Judge | Ep 32


We all have that critical voice in our heads that makes us feel guilty and ashamed. “You’re a bad parent because…” or “why didn’t you work harder and get more done?”

You can’t get rid of it, but you can change the way you relate with it and seize its power over your day-to-day experience.Host Lauren Fire takes you on a journey that will de-throne your judgmental voice and give you back the power to feel more confident, peaceful, and capable in your life. Learn a process you can start using immediately to give the middle finger to your inner judge.

“At some point, you will just stop caring what your inner judge thinks of you.” – Lauren Fire

Self-criticism is one of the worst ways to motivate yourself.  Although it feels like it’s working, inner judgment, shame, and guilt rob you of self-esteem and can spin you into depression and anxiety.

The more you engage with your inner judge by fighting with it or complying, the more powerful it will become.  Numbing it out with alcohol, food or TV doesn’t work either.

How do we free ourselves?

We must learn to disengage from the judge. In this Podcast you will learn what the inner judge is and where it came from. You will understand how you’ve been engaging with the judge without realizing it, giving it more power. Then you will learn how to change the way you relate to the judge once and for all. Put it in the corner and turn down it’s volume.

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