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The Shame Buster | Happiness Practice 03


Learn how to move through guilt and shame quickly with this short exercise. If you are highly critical of yourself, this exercise will help! 

Shame is a very destructive emotion, usually connected with highly critical thoughts and a tense body. If you feel really bad when you make a mistake, or find yourself working tirelessly to please no one in particular, shame is probably the culprit.

But how do you get rid of it? What can you do, in the moment, when you feel bad about a mistake? You say this to yourself: I love you and I forgive you. I like to use my name: I love you Lauren and I forgive you Lauren. I learned this from Cheryl Richardson, a highly acclaimed author and speaker. She said in a tele summit earlier this year that she does this when she feels ashamed.

We all criticize ourselves. The people who live the happiest are the ones who have learned how to move through it, putting it behind them rather than in front of them. It’s not about improving yourself or fixing yourself. It’s about learning how to work with what you already do. This exercise is a way to work with guilt, shame and self criticism.



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