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Emotional Housecleaning: Freeing Yourself From the Crap that Keeps You Stuck


Time to clean your emotional house!

In this episode, you’re going to learn how to clear out the cobwebs, people, and past situations that may be keeping you from making the changes you want. Host Lauren Fire will teach you a simple method to do a little spring cleaning in your brain.

After this episode, you will know how to go from talking about your problems to actually changing them.

We all have crap – baggage that has happened to us. The happiest people aren’t the ones with the least amount of baggage, or the most charmed lives. They are just the ones who learned to carry their baggage better – to live beyond their circumstances.

In this podcast, learn a method to get rid of your emotional energy suckers. Learn how to shift your perspective on any situation and let go of the resentment, anger, pain, or fear that could be keeping you stuck in many areas of your life.

When practiced, this method will help you create an luggage cart for your emotional baggage!

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