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Oh Inner Peace, There You Are | EP 19


Ever had an “ah ha” moment that made the world look differently to you? Host Lauren Fire shares her biggest ah ha moment of the year and teaches you how to feel more peaceful in your life right now.

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Memorable Quotes:

My inner peace has to be more important to me than how much I get done or what other people think.

Most of us feel like we need to be productive or lose weight, THEN we can feel more peaceful. That’s backwards.

Work on the peace. Work on the happiness. Work on loving yourself and feeling good in your life, as it is right now, and the rest of it will fix itself.

As a mom, my inner peace is essential for my family to be healthy and happy. So I want to have more influence in how I feel.

I want to feel more peaceful and I’m going to make it happen. When I made this decision, I stopped caring what that voice in my head thought of me. There is so much freedom in that.

If you want to feel more peaceful:

  1. Decide that your inner peace is important.
  2. Start to become more aware of how you feel, in the moment.
  3. Make decisions about how you’re going to feel consciously. Take the reins back. Choose how you want to respond to other people or events in life.

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