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How to FEEL More Productive – Ep 06


A super simple strategy you can use immediately to feel more productive with what you are already accomplishing in your life.

If your to-do lists get you down, if you sometimes feel overwhelmed, if you look around your house and seem to be constantly reminded of everything you haven’t gotten done – this episode is for you.

Learn how to shift your thinking from self-criticism and shame to positive motivation with one simple strategy to reprogram your brain. When you feel more productive, you are more productive. But when you feel like a failure and criticize yourself, you will get less done.

About the Inspiring Mama Podcast

Listen any time. Feel happier. The Inspiring Mama Podcast feeds your mind, lifts your spirit, and teaches you new strategies you can start using immediately to feel stronger, happier, and more peaceful. Host Lauren Fire shares the personal development strategies that she studies. And expert guests share their stories and teach life lessons in a 30-minute conversation designed to transform your life…all in the time it takes you to clean the kitchen! The Inspiring Mama podcast is created for busy moms by busy moms. We’ve done the research for you.  Read more 

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