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Strategizing Your Life to Reduce Stress | Ep 26


If you feel like the Sweedish Chef when it comes to projects and tasks in your life (like I do), this episode will change your life.

Life systemization expert Megan Flatt teaches simple life management strategies that can clear your overwhelm, cut your anxiety and allow you to live with a new freedom.

Once we become parents, the influx of schedules to balance, stuff to manage, and tasks to juggle can cause undue stress. We have high standards for what we should get done and how our lives should look. But we don’t give ourselves the space to actually learn HOW to do all of this! When you give yourself time to look strategically at the day-to-day process of your life, you can start to chip away at stressors in a real way.

Listen to this episode to take back the drivers seat on the amount of stress that you allow in your life.

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Megan___Flatt___Headshot_CA1_635586826144380572About Megan Flatt

Megan is a coach for busy moms who are ready to pursue their dreams and build their own businesses (or any other big goal.) She uses a combination of time management and business strategies to help you start or grow your business, while being actively present in the day to day lives of your kids and families.  She helps you figure out exactly what steps you need to take and in what order without feeling overwhelmed.

Megan prides herself on her ability to put strategic plans into place to accomplish anything from cleaning out the playroom to launching a thriving business.  All while staying true to our shared goal — being the best moms we can possibly be. Visit her website: MeganFlatt.com

Check out Megan’s Mama CEO Talks and her Mama Mastermind.


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