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About the Show

The Inspiring Mama podcast will feed your mind, lift your spirit, and teach you new strategies you can start using immediately to feel stronger, happier, and more peaceful.

What will I Learn?

Each Podcast is a 30-minute conversation with a thought leader, coach, author, or expert, answering a question or brainstorming a solution to a mom-specific topic or challenge. Our guests share their stories and teach the life lessons they have learned through their own research and experience.

You will learn:

  • Tools for transformation you can start using today to improve your everyday life
  • New ways of thinking, perspectives, and ideas for how to live easier and more peacefully
  • Simple strategies to feel more joy, happiness, and fufillment
  • New theories based on the ground-breaking recent research in areas like neuroscience, energy medicine, and positive psychology
  • Solutions to your challenges in all areas of your life, from Mind & Spirit, to Health & Wellness, to Relationships & Parenting, tailor-made for busy moms

…all in the time it takes you to clean the kitchen! The Inspiring Mama podcast is created for busy moms by busy moms. We’ve done the research for you. Just listen while you multitask or on your commute.

Why Should I Listen?

The “village” that it supposedly takes to raise children is a thing of the past. Today’s mom is much less likely to have the meaningful family or community help common in previous generations. So today’s mom is more likely to be overwhelmed and burnt out. One in five women in the US, 1.3 million annually, now suffers from postpartum depression or anxiety. (Source: Postpartum Progress)

The struggles moms face are inherently different. Yet much of traditional psychology and medicine treats maternal mental health the same as other mental health challenges. Moms need answers crafted specifically for them; answers that take into account the nature and complexity of their lives.

Frustrated by the lack of help for moms, host Lauren Fire is on a mission to find these solutions and share them with moms. Join her each week to embark on a personal growth journey that will lead you to a happier and healthier you.