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Use Your Body to Improve Your Emotional Health| Ep 29

Creating a closer partnership with your body can skyrocket your personal growth journey. Guest Erin Burch, aka The Body Whisperer, shares a mind-blowing new way to think about body alignment and emotional health.
If you’ve been struggling to change something in your mind, this podcast could be the missing piece to your puzzle. Learn an exercise you can use right now to feel more secure and confident, and learn an awareness technique that can change your relationship with your body.
There is a place in your body where tension is designed to be held. Erin calls it your “core container.”  When you learn how to stack your body’s blocks properly and carry tension in this core container, you can uncover freedom of movement and emotion. In this episode you will learn how to discover this “core container” on your body to start changing your tension patterns.
Once I lined up my body and learned how to hold myself up the way my body was meant to work, I was able to think more clearly and feel more joy.  It turns out that shifting patterns of tension in your body can be like the fast track to shifting things your mind. Body alignment has actually made my personal growth shifts easier.

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CopyrightLoriACheungIMG_1382___-___Version___3_CA1_635610724851959804About Erin Burch

Erin Burch, AKA The Body Whisperer, is a Masterful Bodyworker, excelling at unravelling pain and pain patterns that undermine the optimal performance of your body.  For over three decades, she has been transforming people’s bodies through a deep, inside-out, intuitive understanding of how your body works best.  She has worked with top Hollywood A-listers, rock icons, professional and amatuer athletes, (including runners, bikers, basketball players, golfers and tennis players.)  Erin has worked with people of all ages from teens to seniors, creating bodies that grow younger with increased chronological age, and bodies that are increasingly painfree and fluid.   Erin Burch’s signature system for creating a timeless and enduring, painless body is unparalleled and promises relief and higher performance no matter what your current status.

Erin is so passionate about negotiating the aging process because she turned back the clock on her own body and watched it “return to life” after she was highly compromised by abdominal scar tissue that gave her chronic pain, a limp and made it imposssible to do what she loved.  She found answers by studying her body from the inside-out.  She had known anatomy, physiology and kinesiology from her Physical Therapy education (Erin has been a PT for over 3 decades) and alignment and connection from her yoga roots (She spent 4 years in a yoga ashram), but neither of these completely prepared her for what she would need for this journey.  Her in-depth study yielded tremendous gifts and has armed her with knowledge that is not available in books or from other teachers.  It comes directly from the source and has proven over and over to provide relief and freedom for hundreds of others.

Erin Burch has also applied her unique system to bullied youths who want to develop more confidence, golfers and tennis players who are looking for higher performance, TMJ patients who suffer from a myriad of symptoms, and postnatal moms who want to get their body back. You can contact her at: thebodywhisperer@me.com


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