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Beyond Blame – How to Be More than Your Circumstances | Ep 33


Do you ever feel trapped by the situation you are in or by what someone has done to you?

We create false limits for ourselves based on our circumstances. Guest Sonia Johnson, the founder of Box Me Mommy shares her powerful story of creating a beautiful life and business, despite growing up in an abusive family.

Your ability to create the life you want is not dependent on your income, family, or back story. Your happiness and success is inextricably tied to the way YOU see yourself and your life so far. This means you have way more power than you are using. In this episode, learn how to let go of blame and anger at what happened to you and see yourself as MORE than your circumstances.

Sonia grew up with a drug addicted father, an abusive mother, an even more abusive step father, gangs and violence. But through it all, Sonia kept her vision for her life clear. She always saw herself as more than her family or the abuse. No matter what happened, she kept believing she could create what she wanted and be more.

Now living a very successful life, Sonia shares her journey and teaches us the lessons that kept her moving forward. This is a powerful interview that you don’t want to miss!

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About Sonia Johnson

SoniaSonia Johnson is the founder and CEO of Box Me Mommy, a subscription box company for mom and baby products and Editor in Chief of Momsugar Magazine a digital lifestyle publication for the today’s Mom. She build Box Me Mommy from the ground up while also raising three children. Visit her at Box Me Mommy



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