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How to Chill Out & Enjoy It More | Ep 9


How can we, as parents, relax and enjoy the ride a little more? In this episode, host Lauren Fire discusses why operating at a frenzied pace can actually be hazardous to your health. Learn why you might be stuck in survival mode and how you can “chill out” even while you are busy. Learn a quick way to feel more relaxed and present during a busy day.  With these tools, you can live and work at a sustainable pace without sacrificing your health and happiness. Listen to learn how!

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How to Enjoy More of Motherhood 

I have 2 gears.

I either work at a crazy fast pace or I’m crashed out on the couch. I run, then I burnout. Then I run again. And so on.

I’m like the Hare in the old fable The Tortoise and the Hare. But instead of sleeping, I’m by the side of the rode watching Mad Men re-runs to zone out, while the Tortoise passes me by. At this pace, it’s hard to take care of myself. As a result I’m burned out and exhausted much of the time. But I’m keeping up dammit! Ever feel that way? Read More.

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