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How to Treat Yourself to Happiness | Ep 11


Treating yourself isn’t just about an ice cream cone or a bath. You can treat yourself by allowing yourself to be happy in any moment of your life. Most of us know this in theory, but don’t understand HOW to actually do this in practice. How do you treat yourself to happiness? How do you practice happiness?

Host Lauren Fire explains that happiness is not actually the natural result of success. In fact happiness and success aren’t linked together at all.  To practice happiness, to treat yourself to happiness, you have to actually shift the way you work with your mind, body, and emotions in the present moment.

Learn how you can use happiness tools to shift how you think and feel at any time. When you learn to do this, you unlock an incredible power in your life to be happy no matter the circumstances.

Listen to the Podcast:

About the Treat Yourself Challenge

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Have you ever wished you could let more of the “small stuff” go? Ever wished you felt those little jolts of joy more often, or could transform a crappy mood? Want to know how to feel calm even when the kids are screaming and traffic is at a standstill? Want to feel more energetic and alive? The Treat Yourself Challenge will teach you how to shift your mind, body, and emotions when you want, using simple exercises you can do in 2 minutes or less.

When you sign up, each day you will receive a new happiness lesson video (less than 2 minutes!), as well as the Treat Yourself Guide E-Book. Each day you will practice one exercise all day. As the challenge progresses, you will start realizing how much power that you have over how you feel on a moment-by-moment basis. It’s amazing! I can’t wait for you to see this in action! Sign up today so that you don’t miss these videos. Sign up in the sidebar –>


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