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From Burnout to All Out – How to Have it All Without Losing It | Ep 38


How do you “have it all” without burning out? People keep telling you to “slow down” or “de-stress” but how do you slow down when life won’t slow down? How do you keep your body and mind healthy while trying to be, do and enjoy everything you want?

Dr. Karen Osburn takes a new look at burnout. Instead of slowing down when life speeds up, Dr. Karen has learned how to step up. All while taking care of her body, mind, marriage, and children. Learn how she thrives when the going gets tough, and how you can too.

“Burnout only happens when you are not fulfilling all your body’s needs (physically, mentally and emotionally), OR if you are all in for one aspect of your life (i.e. business), and neglect everything else.” – Dr. Karen Osburn.

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karen headshotAbout Dr. Karen Osburn

Dr. Karen Osburn is a Chiropractor, Wife, Mommy of two young boys, an Essential Oils Educator, and host of 2 podcasts on iTunes, Mom and 41, and the newly launched Women Wanting More.

She is transparent, real, honest, and hell bent on teaching and inspiring women to have MORE in their life—More connection, balance, love, money, sex, more REAL, and less BS in order to create a life of Having it All.

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