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My Experiment with Tapping for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety is like a bully that keeps chasing me around, making me feel constantly under threat of attack. I’m tired of it. Lately I feel powerless over it and want to punch it in the face.

This is state I’m in as join in the 2014 Tapping World Summit online. I vowed to my audience to find a way to get rid of that anxiety bully, and this week I’m trying a technique called tapping.

Tapping, as I have learned over the past 2 days, is a tool you can use to basically re-wire your brain and body.  It’s way more complicated than this, but most simplistically when tap your fingers on certain points on your head and body while saying certain things to yourself, you can alter the way your brain and body process information. So if you want to get rid of anxiety, addiction, fear, guilt, or shame for example, you can use this method, called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to rewire your system and let go of whatever it is you are struggling with.

Sounds deceptively simple. My BS meter was high when I heard it too, don’t worry.  But looking at my anxiety bully, I have decided to suspend my inner skeptic and look at any new tool with an open mind. Something has to give. I’m ready to try anything.

So, last night I started tapping.  If you want to learn how to do it, check out the 2014 Tapping World Summit. All lectures are streaming free for 24 hours.  Basically you tap a specific point and say, “Even though I feel X (for me it’s anxiety, guilt, shame, overwhelm, frustration, etc.), I love and accept myself.”  And you continue to describe what you’re feeling while tapping on certain points in a certain order. You don’t have to say anything out loud, just in your head.

Yes, I know the whole “I love and accept myself” can feel a bit cheesy at first. But follow me here. According to Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, it’s actually your lack of acceptance of yourself when you feel yucky that causes the yucky to stick around. So when you say “I love and accept myself” you are using kryptonite on the part that keeps you stuck. Hmm…

I was skeptical. But I’ll be damned. It worked. As I tapped and followed along with the meditations, I felt like I was being washed free of the yucky feelings. I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. WTF just happened? Really?

I’ve been tapping ever since last night. When I notice a yucky feeling or a story come up about how I’m not enough, or should feel guilty, I follow the tapping pattern. Or whenever I feel overwhelmed and anxious, I start to tap. “Even though I feel anxious, I love and accept myself.” And each time it makes me feel better.

Day 5 of the summit is all about tapping for anxiety. You can bet I will be tuning in closely. If any of this sounds intriguing, check out the 2014 Tapping World Summit and follow along with me. I’d love to hear how it’s working for you! Tonight they will discuss tapping for pain in your body.

If tapping really works the way they say it does, we could use tapping as a tool to heal from postpartum depression and anxiety. So join me and let’s find out together!

(And just in case you were wondering, I have no affiliation with the Tapping Summit and make no money by referring you. I’m completely new to this.)


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