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Re-Invent Yourself in 2015 with the Inspiring Mom Bloggers Virtual Summit


What do you want for yourself in 2015?

I feel like a walking cliché when I say this, but as moms we tend to put off our dreams and desires. We don’t necessarily forget about them. We just let them sit in the back corner of our minds, gathering dust, until we have the time or energy to focus on them.

Then years go by and the action items for our dreams get bumped over and over again. After all, we have to make dinner, clean the kitchen, and pick the cat up from the vet.

Are there dreams that are whispering to you that you’ve never explored? Do you have a secret fantasy career or passion that you’ve never allowed yourself to consider? We all have something that nags at us. My secret fantasy is to be lounge singer in a piano bar and to speak on stage in front of thousands of people, Tony Robbins-style.

When I became a mother, I swore it wouldn’t happen to me. I would never get lost in motherhood. I would continue to pursue ME!

Yet somewhere between late nights, Peppea the Pig, and discussions about the potty, I lost it. I lost me and my dreams and desires. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in motherhood – much easier than I ever imagined.

The “me” I used to know with dreams of being a lounge singer and motivational speaker slowly started to fade. What was left was sort of mommy-void version of me.

I was a mom. I had a business. But the rest of it felt kind of gooey and uninteresting. Life was changing around me and I was too busy with daily tasks to look at the big picture. Was it all going in the direction I wanted? Was I living my life, or was it living me?

Ever feel that way?

Instead of feeling sad about it, I got inspired. I realized that the mommy-void was actually more like a blank slate. What were my new dreams? Who did I want to be? How do I want to live my life? I get to decide! I get to invent myself – again!

Instead of looking at my dreams as a “should” I started to ask myself: If I loved myself deeply and fully, what would I do to make my life amazing? And from there, I started to re-invent myself and my life.

The first step toward my secret goal of being a lounge singer (well I guess it’s not a secret anymore huh!) was to find somewhere to learn how to sing. Considering I only sang in my car and in the shower, I assumed I had a long way to go. I signed up for a local community choir this past summer and started singing. This weekend I will perform a solo in front of 1000 people in our Christmas concert! I’m blown away by how fast dreams can soar when you put your passion behind them.

My second dream is to speak on stage. After a year of planning, imagining, and deeply understanding my true calling, Inspiring Mama was born. I’m not on a live stage yet, but the Inspiring Mama podcast has been downloaded over 30,000 times! That’s quite a virtual stage!

Do you want to re-invent yourself in 2015? 

If so, I would love for you to join me and 20 other AMAZING women for the Inspiring Mom Bloggers Virtual Summit. We will help you discover your dreams and make them a reality. All you have to do is sign up and the rest will flow!

These women have BEEN THERE. They have overcome incredible obstacles and are ready to share their inspiring wisdom and life’s lessons. You will get advice, tips and tools in everything from conquering fears and dealing with grief, to overcoming physical and mental obstacles, to finding balance, joy, and purpose.

I’m so grateful to be included in this insanely awesome roster of women speaking at the Inspiring Mom Blogger’s Summit, led by my sister-from-another-mister Elayna Fernandez. She’s the real deal. Trust me on this. Get ready to be blown away with inspiration from her summit.

The first step toward becoming who you want to be is simply to decide to sign up.

You will really enjoy listening to the powerful interviews. It is an empowering movement to help you find the balance we all need to feel happy and successful. 21 of the most inspiring moms in the blogosphere reveal tips, tools, and techniques you can use to positively transform your life, overcome the issues that are holding you back, and unlock your potential!

You have a story. You have obstacles. But life doesn’t have to get in the way. Your dreams are waiting. Learn how to listen to them and how to take action to overcome whatever is standing in your way.

In addition to the amazing stories of inspiration and insights on exactly how you can turn your pain into your purpose, you will receive some really cool bonuses just for signing up!

You can sign up by clicking on the image below!





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