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Find Silence Within Your Busy Life | Ep 7


Ever feel like your mind won’t stop racing?

Taking short mindful moments throughout your day can help calm your mind and bring you a little peace. In this episode, Dr. Karen Osburn, host of the podcast Mom at 41, teaches us how to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives so that we actually enjoy the moments of our life more deeply and find a little silence no matter what’s happening.

Learn what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and how it can help you shift your thinking and experience. We will even start with a short exercise so you get a felt sense of what it means to “get into the present moment.” Even if you already feel overwhelmed, trust me, you CAN do this!

About Dr. Karen Osburn

kai and tyson 64

Dr. Karen is a passionate chiropractor, adoptive momma to her two sons, Tyson and Kai, podcaster, blogger, and wife. She is the creator and founder of Mom at 41: Embracing Imperfect Moms Everywhere. Mom at 41 is a podcast that quickly rose to the top of the iTunes chart after it launched at the end of July 2014. It also includes a weekly blog, newsletter, tesources, and a Facebook community that discusses the challenges of being a mom, and the life lessons along the way.

Dr. Karen would love to connect with you through the Mom at 41 podcast and newsletter! Learn more about Dr. Karen’s mediation program at: 30 Day Momma Meditation Experience. Subscribe to the Mom at 41 Podcast on iTunes: Mom at 41 . Subscribe to the Mom at 41 Newsletter. Email Dr. Karen: drkaren@momat41.com

About the Inspiring Mama Podcast

Listen any time. Feel happier. The Inspiring Mama Podcast feeds your mind, lifts your spirit, and teaches you new strategies you can start using immediately to feel stronger, happier, and more peaceful. Host Lauren Fire shares the personal development strategies that she studies. And expert guests share their stories and teach life lessons in a 30-minute conversation designed to transform your life…all in the time it takes you to clean the kitchen! The Inspiring Mama podcast is created for busy moms by busy moms. We’ve done the research for you.  Read more 

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