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Turn Down Your Mind and Turn Up Your Experience | Ep 40

Ever feel like your mind is running you?
Learn how to turn down your mind and turn up your enjoyment. In this episode, host Lauren Fire gets macro and discuses how to find your true self and let go of the stupidity that floods your mind. With this new tool, you can reduce anxiety, depression, overwhelm, or stress.
Learn how to stop taking the content of your mind so seriously. Get what it really means to find the SELF you’ve been looking for and create a new kind of relationship with your every day experience.
When you learn to enter the present moment state, something magical happens, whether you’re washing the dishes or sitting on a cliff top in lotus pose. You connect with your SELF and you find a new level of intelligence and a place of acceptance and love.
When you truly get this, you can stop trying to fix yourself and start trying to just be yourself.

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The Power of Now, A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, by Eckhart Tolle

The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory, TED Talk by Daniel Kahneman


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