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How to Swim Through Overwhelm & Chaos | Ep 41

How do you thrive amid the busyness and overwhelming details of parenthood? Host Lauren Fire discusses the two words that are finally allowing her to make real changes in her life.
“At some point it stops becoming about what happened to you, whatever you blame things on, and it starts being about what you’re doing today in your head to continue that pattern and recreate the situation that is causing your pain, depression or anxiety.”  – Lauren Fire

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  2. I listened to this podcast yesterday, driving from work back home. The traffic was its usual mess and work is out of control, and I’m sleep-deprived and feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my baby daughter as well as my husband. This podcast made me cry all the way home.

    It’s really weird to say to an exhausted, stressed-out mom that you have only two words for her: “Try harder.”

    Jeepers, people. 🙁

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