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Coping With Negative People | Happiness Practice 06


Stay Positive Around Complainers & People That Trigger You

Happy Hanukkah and Merry (Almost) Christmas! As families and friends circle around you next week, you may notice that some of them aren’t exactly happy or merry.

One of the questions I always get asked is: What do you do around negative people? How do you stay positive when you are surrounded by people who complain, say mean things, or are just plain unpleasant?

Today’s happiness lesson will give you a few tips and tricks that I’ve discovered over the years. My latest podcast is also on this same topic, so check that out too! Below I list 3 different tools that you can use the next time you encounter a Bad News Bob or Bad News Betty (someone who complains a ton).

The Noogie Solution:
A friend of mine mentioned this. I LOVE it! If you get triggered by family members or friends, try this. Next time they say something mean, picture yourself wrapping your hand around their head and giving them a big noogie and saying “ohhh you’re so cute with your….narcissism and meanness and way you always criticize me!” Or insert whatever they do to bother you. This will shift the way you see them and add lightness to the situation, which may help you not take them so seriously.
Get in Your Bubble: 
I learned this from an energy expert. When you are around very negative people, picture yourself in a giant bubble (like Glenda the Good Witch). You may want to choose a color for your bubble that you love. Mine is purple. Imagine that your bubble is impenetrable, so the negative energy, complaints, and criticisms cannot get to you. This one works really well for me! It’s sort of the equivalent of “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”

Don’t Get Sucked In:
Some people love to complain so much that it’s hard to connect with them without complaining yourself.  If you find yourself complaining just to have something to talk about, you’re definitely with a Bad News Betty (or  Bob). Don’t get sucked in! Note it to yourself, but don’t complain too. You can stay empathetic to their problems, but try changing the subject or just asking them more questions. Don’t let them bring you down too. Remind yourself that you have a great life and don’t need to focus on the worst parts!

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