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Practical Solutions for Overwhelm | Ep 10


Our “to do” lists aren’t getting any shorter and the organizational strategies in all of the beautiful magazines only get us so far. We need a new way to think about overwhelm and productivity.

Lauren Fire interviews renowned sports psychologist and high performance consultant Loren Fogelman about overwhelm. Learn new ways to think about your particular brand of overwhelm and strategies for changing your relationship to the “to dos” in your life. Take back your power and feel stronger, more productive and happier with your accomplishments.

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In this episode we discuss the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping.  Tapping is an amazing tool that you can use to shift anything in your life. It’s insanely powerful and super easy to do. It’s free, and doesn’t require a therapist, pills, or even reading anything. To learn how to do it and to listen to the entire tapping session between Loren Fogelman and Lauren Fire click here: Bonus Session – Tapping

Loren Fogelman also offered a free gift to Inspiring Mama listeners – a Free Report on stress. You can download it here: Experts Sports Performance


About Loren Fogelman

Loren Fogelman, is author of The Winning Point, an Amazon top 10 best seller in the sports psychology category. As founder of Expert Sports Performance, she created the Unleash the Champion Within System™ – 5 vital steps to create the champion mindset for maximum performance gains and winning results.

Since 1986, Loren’s shown thousands of high achieving athletes how to accelerate performance gains with proven mental game strategies. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren delivers the little known tactics that shift you from good to great. Here’s where you learn to transform challenges and obstacles into opportunities. The actionable steps for taking the lead are teachable.

At 40y/o Loren decided it was time to stretch beyond her comfort zone. That’s when she chaperoned her children’s learn to ski lessons. She joined the 8y/o beginner ski lessons. As an adult newbie the bunny hill appeared to be very, very steep. Rowing on a master’s crew team was the next challenge, which eventually changed her entire life. After working side by side with her husband, Loren’s entrepreneurial spirit compelled her to step away from their family owned business and build her own business from the ground up.

Get started now with the mindset strategies designed to give you a competitive advantage in everything you do and Loren’s FREE 3-part video series on the 7 Essential Steps for Winning Results at http://expertsportsperformance.com.


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