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Is This All There Is? Finding More Joy in Motherhood


What do you do when you secretly feel like the reality of motherhood doesn’t live up to the hype? What happens when the day-to-day grind makes you feel stuck, trapped, sad, overwhelmed, or just plain bored? Learn how to re-discover who you are and what you deeply desire and how to start making small shifts in the direction of a happier and more fulfilled life.

Speaker and leadership coach Tewana Pinard explores why moms have a hard time admitting discontent and what you can do when after you realize that you’re not 100% happy. Tewana explains a process you can use to discover who you are and what is most important.  She will also teach you why you may not have been successful at changing in the past and why small changes can bring you closer to your desires and dreams.


Interview Highlights:

10:05 – Tewana explains why it’s so hard for moms to admit that they’re not happy

14:00 – How limiting beliefs can lead you to settle in default unhappiness

16:35 – A new approach you can use to discover who you are and what you want

23:20 – Why it’s important for moms to put their needs up front in order for their children to ultimately lead happy lives

26:05 – Tewana’s advice for how moms can start today bringing their passions, goals, and desires back into their lives

About Tewana Pinard

Peach-shirt-200x300Teawna Pinard is an internationally-respected keynote speaker, leadership and success coach for women and best-selling author. She helps women reveal their inner leader—break through their fears, reach their highest potential, achieve their most ambitious goals and lives they truly adore! Teawna is the Founder of Women Leading Legendary Lives™ – a global community to inspire, teach and support women to live courageously and lead with greater impact.

As a seasoned bricks and mortar entrepreneur and leadership and success coach, Teawna takes her trademark style and business expertise to  provide business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to “own their lives” with the keys to reaching their leadership best. Combining her own experiences with those of everyday people who have faced challenging transitions, Teawna’s approach is guaranteed to set women up to win in all facets of their life

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