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The Mood Shifter | Happiness Practice 9

I’ve been studying self help and personal growth for over 20 years trying to “fix” myself. Know what I’ve learned? There is no such thing as “fixed.” You will not reach a point one day where you are just happy or content.
Crap happens. We get burned out. We get unbalanced. We get bored, overwhelmed and mad. Stepping into yuckiness and even wading in it is just life. The happier people make a choice to step out of the muck faster and more intentionally.

Today’s happiness practice is designed to inspire you to take control over your everyday experience and rise above a crappy mood, a bad day, or murphy’s law moment.

The Mood Shifter

You can’t choose your circumstances, but you can choose how you respond to them. In that choice is a power over your life so strong that it will have you feeling like superman.

If you get a parking ticket because you forgot to turn your freaking wheels on a hill (like I did the other day), you can’t change it. But you can choose, like I did after cursing about 12 times, not to stew in anger. You can choose not to fall into a pit of self-criticism. You can refuse to let it impact your mood or the mood of your family.

You can’t change your crappy day, but you can change your mood.  You can’t change your emotional triggers, or the tiny time bombs from your past that will keep upsetting you for no apparent reason. But you have a choice in how you are going to respond to your emotions when they happen.

Next time you get pulled into yuckiness, say to yourself “I have a choice.” Then DECIDE how you want to feel in that moment. Get strategic about it. If you are angry, calm yourself. If you are emotional, soothe and comfort yourself.

Choose how you want to respond when your boss or partner criticizes you. Choose how you want to respond when your credit card gets stolen, your daughter throws a tantrum, or the car dealership keeps your car an extra day. Choose something. Don’t let your autopilot reactions drive your experience.

Choice isn’t always easy. Sometimes you will feel like you’re swimming upstream. But you can do it. You can stop letting your circumstances dictate your life. Step up and claim your power over your experience and enjoy MORE of your life.

“I have a choice.”

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    • It’s not easy! I’ve been working on it pretty solidly for about a year and a half now, and the shifts are small. You forget. But over time it’s gotten so much easier to remember that I have a choice and then to make one. 🙂

    • Thanks Flesche! I think there is a surrender here, good point. The surrender happens when we stop trying to judge our feelings and instead just surrender to the fact that sometimes we are going to be crazy emotional and it’s ok. I think that surrender allows us to make the choice to move through the feelings. Judging them, we get stuck there. It doesn’t matter why you’re upset, you just are. Stop judging it and get strategic about comforting yourself or doing whatever you need to move through the emotion. Make sense? Thanks for that, it made me think through it more. 🙂

  1. Hello Rochelle, so glad you are joining us again! The veiosrn of the Surrender Fast that you have from iTunes is the original veiosrn that does not have the Personal Reflections pages for the weekend. But that is all that is missing. Fortunately, the newest veiosrn of the book is now available in every ebook format (as of the last month of so). When did you order your copy? I will check with iTunes to make sure they have the latest veiosrn.Again, welcome abroad! You won’t want to miss Cycle 5 s (Feb 18 Mar 29) teaching on contentment because today matters!!!

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