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How to Love Your Body (Even When You Don’t Like It)


If you are struggling to lose weight, exercise more, or simply live healthier, a change in your body image and body mindset could make all the difference.

Body image expert Tamara Newell explains why a negative body image could be holding you back and how to improve your relationship with your body. Learn how to stop criticizing your body and feel at home in your skin, even if it’s not exactly the body you like.

“One day I decided, if this is the body I have, I’m going to love it and I’m going to live with it. When I accepted it, a positive motivation started fueling more love into my body. I wanted to work out. I wanted to eat healthier because I was honoring and embracing my body rather than trying to fix or change it.” – Tamara Newell

Criticizing ourselves and our bodies has become the new norm, especially for women. Your friend mentions you look great and you point out your thighs. Your husband says you look sexy and you complain about how breastfeeding wrecked your boobs.

Our relationships with our bodies can profoundly influence our ability to feel happy and healthy. In this podcast, get practical tips on how you can thrive in the body you have and love every part of you today, without changing a thing.

Your relationship with your body is like any other relationship in life. It ebbs and flows. You have a choice in how you’re going to relate with it. If you want a good relationship with it, you have to make the choice over and over again to love your body, forgive your body, and embrace change in your body, the same way you do with another person. Listen now to learn more!

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Tamara Newell HeadshotAbout Tamara Newell

Tamara Newell is a Fitness & Lifestyle expert in New York City.  She inspires women to embrace their body and enhance their beauty through TamaraTV, her blog, online program “Tamara Newell the Method” and as a contributor to Pilates Style Magazine. www.tamaranewell.com

Join Tamara’s 6 Week program to Love your Body with Movement, Meals & Meditation:  The Tamara Newell Method

IM_logo_rgb-symbol_only-mediumAbout the Inspiring Mama Podcast

Host Lauren Fire is on a search for real practical solutions to the struggles that parents face. From maternal mental illness to time management, parenting and health, Lauren is searching for answers. Listen to expert interviews that will rock your world and learn from Lauren’s own life lessons as she heals from postpartum depression and searches for happiness and health while parenting a toddler.  Listen to More Episodes


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