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Quick Energy Tricks: How to Cope with Sleep Deprivation | Ep 16


Parenthood doesn’t have to equal chronic tiredness. Energy expert Allan Ting teaches you simple tools and tricks you can use to pump up your energy when you are tired but still have to be “on.” He will also teach you changes you can make to your posture, breath, and diet that will have you feeling more energetic all day. (Hint, it’s not to drink more caffeine!)

Allan learned energy boosting techniques by studying tai chi and qigong as well as neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming and high performance personal growth techniques. Get the cliff notes of his knowledge in this interview, including actual physical exercises you can do when you need more energy fast. These really work!


Interview Highlights

7:20 – How simply changing your posture can give you more energy all day
10:40 – How your breath affects your energy levels
14:10 – Why caffeine drains your energy (what a bummer!)
19:45 – Why you shouldn’t drink water during meals and shouldn’t drink ice water if you want more energy
22:05 – Learn 3 tricks you can do right now with your body to generate energy instantly (these are cool)

About Allan Ting


Allan is an Author, Professional Speaker and High Performance Energy Expert that has been booked on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW news.

He teaches busy professionals how to alleviate insomnia, work related stress, headaches, back pain and burnouts.

He leads seminars and retreats in the US and International Countries. He has taught at large companies like Yahoo, HP, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Motorola and at Tony Robbins Retreats in Fiji.

Allan is a member of the Expert Industry Association, a Certified High Performance Coach, Advance NLP Health Coach and a part of Tony Robbins’ Leadership Mastery.

Get Allan’s free videos here: instantenergymethod.com/mama


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