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Podcast Guests Wanted


Have a Message to Share with Moms?

By inspiring moms to life healthier and happier, we can change the future for their children. We can help shape the experience of the next generation. Moms are struggling in today’s society. We all know that. They are on information overload and perfectionism overwhelm. They have hundreds of “friends” but are lonelier than ever. Meanwhile they work harder and have less community and family help than in previous generations. One in five women now struggles with some form of maternal mental illness. Help find solutions for moms by participating in a 30-minute podcast interview.

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What is the Podcast? 

The Inspiring Mama Podcast is on a mission to find new solutions to the emotional struggles that moms face. Guests on the Podcast will share the life lessons and tools that they have learned through their own research and experience in a 30-40 minute interview. Each interview will cover one particular issue, and solve one problem. By the end of the interview, moms will leave with tools they can start using immediately to feel better and happier in their lives.

Who Do We Want?

We want coaches, authors, speakers, experts, thought leaders, mental health professionals, pediatricians, birth and lactation professionals, and health professionals. Through the Podcast, we introduce moms to the people, ideas, and tools that can help them create the life they want. We want moms to end each Podcast with a few tangible ideas or tools they can start using immediately to transform their day-to-day experience. The online world is full of beautiful people looking to teach moms new tools, strategies, and solutions that can help them live easier. Yet many moms are not inspired to make changes in their lives. Or if they are so inspired, finding the advice or guidance they need when they need it can feel like finding the Waldo without a sock on the last page of Waldos. Inspiring Mama will bridge that gap by bringing moms the people and solutions that can help, in short and easy to digest audio podcasts.

What Topic Areas Does the Podcast Cover? 

The podcast will cover the following topic areas. If you have expertise in any of these, please let us know!

  1. Mind & Spirit: We examine ideas and tools that moms can use to change their thinking, heal their spirit, move through emotions, feel happier, calm down, and improve their overall experience in life.
  2. Relationships: We look at all relationships in a mom’s life, from her significant other, to her family, and even in-laws. We want to search out solutions to communication troubles and conflict, connection, sex, and parenting issues.
  3. Health & Wellness: We examine health and wellness from a practical perspective to find the easiest solutions to a mom’s most common health challenges. How can I find the time to work out? How can I feed my family healthy given my time and money constraints? What other health solutions are worth trying, like acupuncture, alternative diets, essential oils, or herbs?
  4. Parenting: We  introduce parents to different parenting philosophies, new ideas, and different strategies for parenting from a more conscious perspective. We will explore issues like building connection, building confidence and resiliency, teaching emotional intelligence and self-love.
  5. Career & Creativity: We explore the challenges surrounding a mom’s career and contribution outside of her home. Finding balance between her contribution to the world and her contribution at home is a never-ending puzzle for moms to solve. We want to teach moms new skills in time management, organization, self-confidence, speaking, and even money.

What Expertise Is Needed? 

There is no specific expertise needed. We are looking for experts in any area of personal growth, or in any of the topic areas listed above. In particular, here area a few areas we specifically want to cover: Psychology, somatic and body-based therapies, Positive Psychology, Energy Psychology, Neuroscience, Law of Attraction, mindfulness, meditation, tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique, affirmations, NLP, hypnosis, acupuncture, essential oils, qigong, yoga.

Where Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in being a podcast guest, click the button below to set up a time to connect with Lauren Fire.



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