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Healing with Creativity: How Your Creative Energy Could Transform Your Life | Ep 14


Your creativity could be the missing piece to your healing journey. Creativity coach Kathy Stowell will explain how opening your creative channel can improve your mood and expand your overall happiness.

Did you shut the door on creativity when you had a baby or became an adult? Does the word “creativity” conjure up images of puffy paint and hot glue? Creativity is actually not about the finished product. It’s about the place you go, the energy you exude while you are in a creative project.

Kathy Stowell will explain how you can reopen this channel and rediscover an energy that can heal and transform your life.  She will teach you how to pick new projects that will make you feel more alive and how let go of the perfectionism that may be keeping you stuck.


About Kathy Stowell

IMG_3208Kathy Stowell is the founder of Bliss Beyond Naptime and Mama Bliss Coaching. Mama Bliss Coaching helps Mamas over come creative blocks in their lives to create a loving and nurturing upbringing for their little ones without stifling their own passions. Kathy is a certified Simplicity Parenting and Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching as well as a fellow Podcast host. She hosts the Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast in Itunes.

Visit her at:  and  blissbeyondnaptime.com


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