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Coping with Crisis – Being OK When it Really Isn’t OK| Ep 36

A sick child, a baby in the NICU, divorce, and loss…how do you cope with the most difficult struggles? Author Kayla Aimee shares her story of finding gratitude and hope through the flood of difficulties she faced when her daughter was born prematurely at 25 weeks.
How do you not hit anyone who says “Everything happens for a reason…”? How do you “stay strong” when you are crumbling and can’t find anything to hold onto? How do you find any sort of peace or comfort when life is ridiculously difficult?
When she was born, Kayla‘s daughter weighed less than six sticks of butter. In her new book, Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected, Kayla shares the life lessons that got her through the hardest and most traumatic time in her life.
“I want her to see me that way as her mom. I want her to seem me as someone who chooses hope and joy and laughter in the middle of hard things. Because I hope as she gets older, she will too. And I hope that will make her path a little bit easier.” – Kayla Aimee
In this incredibly powerful interview, Kayla honestly digs into how she dealt with her crisis and shows us the “how” in “how in the world did you get through it?” Her story will give you hope, inspiration, and a path to healing.
Is someone close to you struggling? Kayla’s insights will also help you understand the eye of the storm so that you can more effectively help your loved one sail through. This one is not to be missed!

Listen to the Podcast:

About Kayla Aimee

Kayla Aimee is a writer, toddler mommy, and 30-something southern girl who spends her days uncovering hope and humor in unexpected places. She shares her remarkable journey into motherhood with the unexpected birth of her daughter at only 25 weeks in her first book, a hope-filled memoir, Anchored (July 2015), and blogs at KaylaAimee.com.

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