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3 Minutes to Zen


Free Happiness Practices for Busy Parents

Feeling happy, balanced, and energetic is actually easier than you think.

3 Minutes to Zen is a series of short physical and mental exercises that parents can do in 3 minutes or less anytime to bring calm, joy, and ease into their busy lives. Every week, Inspiring Mama delivers a new exercise for free to our community members by email. 3 Minutes to Zen will always remain free to Inspiring Mama community members. To join, simply enter your email address in the sidebar.

What will I Learn?

3 Minutes to Zen teaches you how integrate self-care into your already busy life in a completely new and easy way. By adding short mental and physical practices, you can increase your resilience to stress, overwhelm, and burnout and improve your propensity to recognize the joy and vitality that already exists in your ives.

What are the Practices?

The exercises are inspired by various personal growth modalities and theories. For example, some may be based in mindfulness, and others in qigong, yoga, Feldenkrais, the Emotional Freedom Technique, positive psychology, energy psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, and hypnosis.

Who Creates the Practices?

Inspiring Mama founder Lauren Fire will create the exercises for 3 Minutes to Zen based on her research and her own experience. Fire has been studying personal growth and “self help” for 20 years, and will pick out the best and most useful exercises that she and her clients use in their own lives.

As a new mom, Fire has struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. The one most profound way she has started to heal herself is by integrating little things into her already busy life. She wants to help other parents do the same thing by teaching them the exercises that she uses.

Where Can I Sign Up?

To sign up to receive 3 Minutes to Zen exercises every week, enter your email address in the sidebar of this page.


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