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Join the Inspiring Mama Village


Dear Mama,

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain overtired? I want to offer you an oasis.

I want to invite you to join my new community of moms called the Inspiring Mama Village. Together, we are learning how to do this motherhood thing in a new way, without sacrificing our own health and happiness.

There has to be a better way to deal with the emotional roller-coaster that most of us have come to accept as motherhood. I’m looking for that better way.  Join me.

What is Inspiring Mama?

I want you to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled with your life, as it already is.  Happiness is a practice, not a goal. You can get better at it with a little time and the right strategies. You can learn more about my philosophy here: Inspiring Mama Philosophy

I have been studying self-help and personal development for almost 20 years now, finding solutions to my own depression and anxiety.  I LOVE to research and I love sharing the tools and solutions that I find.

Through my emails, I will teach you new strategies you can use to change your experience in life. I’ve been studying new ways to think, move, and interact that have profound effects on happiness, stress, and anxiety.

When you start to practice the free tools that I teach, you will start to feel different within your life. You will start to relate with yourself differently. You will be more connected to the real you. And ultimately, you will feel happier and more at peace with the life you have right now.

Why Join the Inspiring Mama Village?

When you join the Inspiring Mama Village (which is free by the way), you get access to everything that I’m learning and sharing.  Every week I will send you a new little happiness trick that I’ve learned.

As an Inspiring Mama Village member you will also get access to our exclusive Facebook group. Interact with me and other Inspiring Mamas about your gratitude, joy, happiness, and even your challenges.  The village is here to help!

To join, enter your email in the sidebar and hit Get Instant Access.

It takes a village…let’s create one.






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