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The Mega Motivation Trick | Happiness Practice 07


Do you sometimes feel like a lawnmower that just can’t get started on tasks? Ever had a simple project that you have put off so long and felt so guilty for that it became sort of “blocked” and you couldn’t seem to get to it? This exercise will help!

Many times we motivate ourselves with negative. We push ourselves with guilt, shame, and self criticism. It works sometimes, but many times it just leaves us feeling worse and actually makes us less likely to get things done.

If you want to be productive or if you want to change a habit, like eating better or exercising, try this next time:

Step One: Your Big Why

Get very clear on WHY you want to accomplish this or change it. Dig deep and find the real positive that you will gain from it. Then dig deeper.

Example: I want a more organized closet. Instead of criticizing myself for having such a messy closet, I will dig into why I want more organization. I want to feel calm and together when I look at my closet. I want ease in quickly picking out clothing instead of the frustration I get having to search for that one shirt I want to wear. I want to feel more in control of the stuff in my life so that I can reduce my anxiety.

Step Two: The Picture

Picture yourself doing it. This one is simple but incredibly effective. Create a very clear image of you doing the task and enjoying it. If that seems odd, ask yourself if there is a way you can enjoy it. Picture yourself making the call, or cleaning out the cabinet, or doing that new workout routine. Imagine how you will feel while you are doing it. This is all about the image in your, so make it very clear.

Example: I picture myself cleaning out the closet and enjoying the process. At first, it seems impossible to enjoy cleaning. But when I picture it, I realize that I could listen to an audiobook or bring in my iPad and watch Downton Abby while I do it! I then picture the closet looking clean every day and picture me feeling relaxed and calm.

Step Three: The Mantra

Say to yourself: “I can do this.” You can pick any mantra really, but find something to say to yourself that makes you feel empowered. Whenever you hear the negative talk or self criticism, replace it with this mantra. Sometimes I even yell in my mind at the negative voice – “No I CAN do this!” It’s hard to get rid of negative talk. But it’s easy to add positive talk.

This may not make you uber productive overnight, but continuing to do this will shift your process around productivity and will empowering you to get more done.

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